4+1 Master's Program

The ME deparment has recently created a 4+1 Master's Program, that awards students a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's (M.E.) also in Mechanical Engineering. 


The Accelerated B.E. (ME) / M.E. (ME) 4 + 1 Eligibility Criteria are below:

i.   GSOE undergraduate Mechanical Engineering major 

ii.   CCNY 3.2 cumulative GPA at the time of the application submission 

iii.   Apply once completed ME 47200 (Mechanical System Design) and ME 37100 (Computer Aided Design)

iv.   Submit standard GSOE graduate application package (i.e., graduate admissions application, transcripts, two faculty letters of recommendations, statement of purpose, personal statement etc.). 


The Accelerated B.E. (ME) / M.E. (ME) 4 + 1 Requirements are below:

i.   Undergraduate students will be able to apply up to 6 credits of graduate courses from the list below in mechanical engineering  to both their undergraduate mechanical engineering bachelor degree (B.E. (ME)) and master’s of engineering degree (M.E. (ME)).  


ii.   Students must recruit a full-time faculty member as their ME 4+1 advisor and register for: (1) ME 59003 (Special Project, 3 cr.) with the advisor, and (2) complete a 6 credit Master’s Thesis MEI9900 with the advisor. 

iii.   Must complete the following 3 core courses: (1) ME I0200 (Applied Fluid Mechanics), (2) ME 54100 (Advanced Stress Analysis), and (3) ENGR I1100 (Introduction to Engineering Analysis) 

iv.   Requirements for the Mechanical Engineering Master of Engineering program remains the same: 30 credits (6 graduate credits of which will be taken as part of the undergraduate curriculum,  6 credits of Master’s thesis, and 18 graduate credits taken during the +1 year). 

v.   Maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA in the graduate program


Last Updated: 05/17/2024 18:29