Prospective Students

Prospective Undergraduate Student Information

Welcome to Mechanical Engineering at City College of NY. Thanks for stopping by - we are glad to know that you are interested in us!

Follow the links below you will find information about the department that we hope will answer most of your pressing questions. You can find out more about the Mechanical Engineering field and the department here at City College, and then - if you have more questions - please visit 
Grove School of Engineering or City College of New York.

·       Undergraduate Bulletin 2020 – 2021

·       Program Online Application

·       Financial Aid

·       Student Affairs

·       Campus Tour

Prospective Master's Student Information

·       Admission to Master’s Program

·   Admission to Master’s Program (Pdf)

·      Admission Criteria & Program Requirements

·      Program Online Application

·      Graduate Bulletin 2020 – 2021


Prospective Ph.D. Student Information

·       Admission to Ph.D. Program

·    Admission to Ph.D. Program (Pdf)

·       Program Online Application

·       Graduate Bulletin 2020 – 2021



For admission forms and further information, contact City College Office of Admissions.



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