Workload Equity

Workload Equity

AIDE-STEM seeks to address faculty concerns by improving workload equity and internal support for research and collaboration.

Why Workload Equity Matters:

The research literature on faculty workload finds that there is a gendered and racialized distribution of specific kinds of workload that delay or present barriers to advancement through the professorial ranks. These findings are supported by the COACHE survey of CCNY faculty and evidence from interviews of CCNY faculty that were conducted for the ADVANCE Catalyst award.

The evidence shows that:

  • Women spend more time on teaching and service than men;
  • Women spend less time on research than men;
  • Faculty from historical minoritized racial groups spend more time on mentoring and diversity-related work than faculty who are white;
  • Women are asked more often to engage in less promotable and career-advancing tasks.

As a result of these findings, ADVANCE awards have focused on improving workload equity to address these barriers to advancement.

  • Increase transparency to recognize, value, and reward workload.
  • Provide tools to design equitable workload practices and policies.
  • Promote a transparent and equitable culture of workload reward.

  • Listening tours with pilot departments.
  • Analyze feedback from faculty.
  • Design workload equity workshops and workload equity plans in collaboration with participating faculty.

Last Updated: 10/15/2023 20:09