Inclusion + Belonging

Inclusion + Belonging

AIDE-STEM seeks to foster inclusion and belonging for all by addressing systemic racism and other obstacles.

Why inclusion and belonging matters:

Inclusion, belonging, and respect in the academic work environment are key aspects of faculty satisfaction and retention. Faculty who participated in ADVANCE activities designed to address respect, inclusion, and belonging reported positive improvements in campus climate and positive interactions among peer faculty.


Raise awareness of unconscious bias, systemic racism, and obstacles to inclusion and belonging in the academic environment.

Activities (Possible future activities include):

Climate Case Studies
Climate case studies have been used to foster retention and a sense of inclusion and belonging particularly among women and BIPOC faculty.

Raising Respect Workshops - RISE or Respect in Striving for Excellence
Workshops aiming to improve feelings of respect and inclusion through community building activities and interventions.

Interactive Theater Ensembles
To help facilitate dialogue through multi-dimensional human interactions. They promote a safe space for discussing and enacting what inclusive practices can look and feel like in the academic environment.

Last Updated: 10/15/2023 20:09