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Xi Chen

o: ASRC G.332 CUNY Advanced Research Science Center (ASRC)
p: 212-413-3386

Dorina Cheregi

o: 25 Broadway 7th Floor
p: (212) 925-6625

Dmitriy Chernyakhovsky

o: 1/506 North Academic Center
p: 212-650-5929

Vatthana Chin

o: 4 Compton - Goethals Hall
p: 212-650-8682

Gautam Chinta

o: North Academic Center 4/118A
p: 212-650-5103

Lester Chisholm

o: 114 Harris Hall

Lester Chisholm

o: H-114 Harris Hall
p: 212-650-8408

Jennifer Chow

o: H-106 Harris Hall
p: 212-650-6128

Peter Chow

o: NAC 5/106C
p: 212-650-6206

Peter Chow

o: 5/106C North Academic Center
p: 212-650-6206

Rhea Christian

o: 1/116 North Academic Center
p: 212-650-6789

Jeffrey Chu

o: 1/506 North Academic Center
p: 212-650-6199

Jaclyn M. Churchill

o: H-15 Harris Hall
p: 212-650-7038

David Cieri

o: Shepard Hall B59 Shepard Hall
p: 646-671-1052