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Issa Salame

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Issa Salame

Assistant Professor

MR 1232
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Issa Salame holds a PhD in en­vironmental analytical chemistry from CUNY where he studied adsorption of organic molecules onto activated carbons and the removal of toxins from the envi­ronment. After graduate school, he became interested in science education and the understanding of how students learn chemis­try through the various methods of teaching. Over the past several years, Prof. Salame has been involved in the teacher preparation programs at CCNY that attracts students to science and mathematics and guides and facilitates their teacher certification process. He is passion­ate about teaching and believes that his job is to reach each student, relate the subject to the student, and make the con­cepts, not only comprehendible, but also meaningful.

Prof. Salame is working on research that improves understanding of how students learn chemistry through various methods of teaching. His research focuses on identifying common chemistry misconceptions, addressing misconceptions and improving students' conceptual understanding of chemistry. Of special interests are the student-centered instructional reform and pre-service and in-service teacher training. His current projects include examining students’ and secondary school teachers’ interpretations of atomic representations, and students’ misconceptions about atomic sizes and periodic properties.  Prof. Salame currently has funding from NSF related to STEM education in the amount of $600K for a project titled: Introduction of Computer-based Analytic Methods to Teacher Education Programs for Future Middle School Science Teachers.        


Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, The Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York. Thesis: “Effect of Surface Chemistry and Porosity of Activated Carbons on the Adsorption of Water and Organic Pollutants”.

Date Conferred: 2002 

Master of Philosophy, M.Ph. Chemistry, The Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York

Date Conferred: 2001 

Bachelor of Science B.S., Chemistry, The City College of New York of the City University of New York

Date Conferred: 1997 

Courses Taught

“General Chemistry Lecture-Laboratory I"

“General Chemistry Lecture-Laboratory II”

“General Chemistry for Engineers”

“Organic Chemistry Laboratory Techniques I”

“Organic Chemistry I”

“Analytical Chemistry”

“Environmental Chemistry”

“Inquiry Approach to Science Teaching”

“Methods of Teaching Secondary School Science”

“Introduction to Modern Concepts in Organic Chemistry”

“Principles of Atomic Theory”

“Science 1” – science for non-science majors

“Science 2” – science for non-science majors

“Chemistry of the Environment”

“Molecular Modeling”

“Principles of Atomic Theory”

“Chemistry Education Practicum”

Research Interests

Science education: understanding how students learn science through the various methods of teaching; exploring how students construct scientific knowledge; optimizing conceptual understanding; improving problem solving and critical thinking skills of chemistry students; identifying misconceptions students possess about science; utilizing technology to improve student learning and performance.  


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