Laura M. Gellert

Associate Professor, Childhood Education

Interim Chair, Department of Teaching & Learning

Main Affiliation

School of Education

Additional Departments/Affiliated Programs

Teaching & Learning

Childhood Education (Graduate)

Childhood Education (Undergraduate)


North Academic Center





Laura M. Gellert


Ph.D.    The Graduate Center, CUNY
Urban Education Science, Math, Technology Strand, 2008
Dissertation Title:  New Elementary School Teachers and Mathematics:  An Investigation through a Community of Practice
M.S.      The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Mathematics, 1999
A.B.        Bryn Mawr College
Mathematics, 1993

Courses Taught

EDCE 6100C How Children Learn Mathematics: Grade 1 - 6
EDCE 6000C How Children Learn Mathematics: Birth - Grade 2
EDCE 5950C Mathematics for Teachers
MATHE 8106N: Algebra for Middle School Teachers
MATHE 8107N Geometry for Middle School Teachers

EDCE 32200 How Children Learn Mathematics
edTPA workshop for graduate and undergraduate childhood education students

Research Interests

Mentoring in Mathematics Education
STEM Integration
Inclusive education in conjunction with mathematics teaching and learning
Communities of Practice


Offenholly, K., Gellert, L.M., and Kotelawala, U.M., (2015) “Digital Games for Future Math Teachers: Transforming Undergraduate Education” Journal of Game-Supported Interactive Learning, (In Press, expected publication 2015). 

Gellert, L. M. (2013). “Elementary School Teachers and Mathematics: Communities of Practice and an Opportunity for Change.” Journal of Education & Learning, 2(4).  

Crismond, D., Gellert, L., Cain, R., and Wright, S. (2013) “Minding the Missteps: A watch list of misconceptions for beginning designers.” Science and Children., pp. 80-85 

Gellert, L. (2012) “Creating Communities of Learners Among Beginning Teachers:  A Matter of Social Justice.”  Education in a Democracy: A Journal of the NNER (Vol. 4) 

Gellert, L. and Gonzalez, L. (2011). “Teacher Collaboration: Implications for New Mathematics Teachers.”  Current Issues in Education, 14(1).

Foote, M., Smith, B., and Gellert, L. (2011) “Evolution of (Urban) Mathematics Teachers' Identity.” Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, December 2011, 4(2). pp. 67–95