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Mira Morgenstern

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Mira Morgenstern



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NAC 4/143C
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Courses Taught

27300: Classical Political Thought Ancient writers and the experiences of the ancient city-state will be studied with a view to their influence, validity and contemporary relevance. Readings will include Plato and Aristotle, among others. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

27400: Modern Political Thought: Up to 1848 Will explore some of the political, social and ethical ideas which arose out of the process of modernization as it first occurred in the West. Readings vary from term to term, but include some of the following: Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Diderot, Rousseau, Burke, Paine, Bentham, Hegel, Marx (early writings), Shakespeare, and novelists of the nineteenth century. There will be special emphasis on the Enlightenment and French Revolution. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

37700: Judeo-Christian Political Thought The contributions of Judeo-Christian thinking to the tradition of political thought in the West. The religious roots of radicalism, universalism, transcendentalism and individualism, as reflected in Old and New Testaments, and representative writers from the ancient, medieval and modern periods. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.


Rousseau and the Politics of Ambiguity: Self, Culture, and Society (Penn State, 1996)

Conceiving a Nation: The Development of Political Discourse in the Hebrew Bible (Penn State, 2009)

"Strangeness, Violence, and the Establishment of Nationhood in Rousseau," Eighteenth-Century Studies 41.3 (2008) 359-381.

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