Roger Dorsinville

Department Chair, Professor


Steinman Hall


ST 602


(212) 650-6685


(212) 650-7482

Roger Dorsinville


Carried out in depth experimental studies of self phase modulation (SPM), degenerate four wave mixing (DFWM), cross phase modulation (XPM), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), phase conjugation, and Raman induced phase conjugation (RIPC) in bulk and structured materials. These studies lead to the discovery of new materials with large nonlinear responses.

Investigated silica based photonic crystals as dispersion compensation devices over a broad spectral range (500nm to 2000nm).

Designed and tested several optical computing schemes including an optical phase conjugation based residue arithmetic computation scheme, and an ultrafast digital optical signal processor using a Venn diagram based spatial encoding technique.

Investigated the optical nonlinearity of semiconductor quantum dots imbedded in transparent polymer matrices. This work suggests that these structures could be used in efficient optical limiting devices.

Investigated novel nonlinear distributed p-n junctions made of p-doped and n-doped single-wall carbon nanotubes. This concept can be used to explore coherent arrays of more complex structures for nano-circuits applications.

Participated in the design long haul DWDM optical communication systems. This work included the characterization and optimization of the nonlinear penalty, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, and polarization dependent losses in DWDM systems.

Designed and tested distributed and lumped Raman amplifiers for undersea long haul applications.

Developed and tested an ultra-wide bandwidth hybrid fiber optic parametric/Raman amplifier.

Designed and experimentally demonstrated new Ethernet passive optical network architectures which provide added flexibility and simplicity in the deployment of access networks.


  • Ph.D., Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, 1976.
  • B.S., M.S., Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, 1972.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Lasers (F5800)
  • Optical Signal Processing (I8500)

Research Interests

Fabrication and nonlinear optical characterization of nanomaterials and structures. All optical devices. Fiber amplifiers. Optical communication.


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