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Urs Jans

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Urs Jans


MR 1218
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Dipl., ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Ph.D., EAWAG/ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Courses Taught

Chem 40700/A1200: Environmental Organic Chemistry
Chem 10301: General Chemistry 1

Research Interests

My research program at CCNY is addressing questions concerning aquatic environmental organic chemistry, with a focus on the mechanisms through which organic contaminants undergo abiotic transformations in natural aquatic environment (freshwater, groundwater, seawater). A special interest lies in the role of reduced sulfur species and their reaction with organic contaminants.


D. Saint-Hilaire, U. Jans, 2013. Reactions of three halogenated organophosphorus flame retardants with reduced sulfur species. Chemosphere, 93, 2033-2039. 

L. Yang, X. Li, P. Zhang, M. Melcer, Y. Wu, U. Jans, 2012. Concentrations of DDTs and dieldrin in Long Island Sound sediment, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 14, 878-885. 

K.W. Lo, S.C. Saha-Roy, U. Jans, 2012. Investigation of the reaction of hexabromocyclododecane with polysulfide in methanol/water solutions, Chemosphere, 87, 158-162.D. Saint-Hilaire, K.Z. Ismail, U. Jans, 2011. Reactions of tris(2-chloroethyl)phosphate with reduced sulfur species, Chemosphere, 83, 941-947.

M. Seredych, J. Lison, U. Jans, T.J. Bandosz, 2009. Textural and chemical factors affecting adsorption capacity of activated carbon in highly efficient desulfurization of diesel fuel. Carbon, 47, 2491-2500.

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L. Yang, X. Li, J. Crusius, U. Jans, M. E. Melcer, P. Zhang, 2007. Persistent chlordane concentrations in Long Island Sound sediment: Implications for chlordane, 210Pb, and 137Cs depth profiles. Environ. Sci. Technol. 41, 7723-7729.

Q. Gan, U. Jans, 2007. Nucleophilic reaction of phorate and terbufos with reduced sulfur species under anoxic conditions. J. Agr. Food Chem., 55, 3546-3554.

X. Li, L. Yang, U. Jans, M.E. Melcer, P. Zhang, 2007. Lack of enantioselective microbial degradation of chlordane in Long Island Sound Sediment. Environ. Sci. Technol., 41, 1635-1640.

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U. Jans, M. H. Miah, 2003. Reaction of chlorpyrifos-methyl in aqueous hydrogensulfide/bisulfide solutions. J. Agr. Food Chem.,51, 1956-1960.

L. A. Totten, U. Jans, A. L. Roberts, 2001. Alkyl bromides as mechanistic probes of reductive dehalogenation: Reduction of vicinal dibromide stereoisomeres with zero-valent metals. Environ. Sci. Technol., 35, 2268-2274.

U. Jans, J. Hoigné, 2000. Atmospheric water: transformation of ozone into OH-radicals by sensitized photoreactions or particulate carbon. Atmos. Environ., 35, 1069-1085.

U. Jans, J. Hoigné, 1998. Activated carbon and carbon black catalyzed transformation of aqueous ozone into OH-radicals. Ozone: Science and Engineering, v. 20, pp. 67-90.

S. Canonica, U. Jans, K. Stemmler, J. Hoigné, 1995. Transformation kinetics of phenols in water: photosensitization by dissolved natural organic material and aromatic ketones. Environ. Sci. Technol., v. 29, pp. 1822-1831.

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