Reminder-Mask-Wearing & Vaccinate or Test Mandates for All CUNY Employees

CUNY has an obligation to protect the health of employees in the workplace. In light of the rapidly changing landscape and rising infection rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated people due to COVID-19, CUNY will continue to follow the guidelines issued by the CDC and OSHA in an effort to stop the spread of the virus to others.

To that end, as previously indicated in the Chancellor’s communication dated August 16, 2021, effective August 16, 2021, everyone at CUNY, regardless of their vaccination status, is required to do the following:

  • Wear a face mask inside all office buildings. This includes while working in a non-enclosed space such as a cubicle or other open seating, regardless of physical distance from others
  • Wear a mask outdoors on campus when unable to maintain physical distance from others

The only exceptions to wearing a mask inside are:

  • If a fully vaccinated person is alone in an enclosed space such as an office or conference room
  • In a classroom if a faculty member is able to keep social distance from everyone else in the class, he or she may choose to not wear a mask
  • Briefly eating or drinking provided social distancing is maintained

If an employee is unable to wear a mask due to an underlying health condition that is protected by the ADA, the employee may request a reasonable accommodation. The employee should contact to discuss the request and any modifications or alternatives, in accordance with the Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments policy/procedure.

Employees who fail to comply with established policies and procedures will be referred to the relevant College Office – e.g., Public Safety or Human Resources (HR) – for appropriate action such as being sent home without pay, formal disciplinary action up and may lead to job termination.

Employees are encouraged to review CCNY’s reopening plan at for information on the College’s mask guidelines and the other measures that have been put in place to help ensure health and safety on the campus. 

Other important reminder

Vaccinate or Test- Anyone entering a CUNY facility for any reason will need to be fully vaccinated (defined as 14 days beyond the last vaccination shot) or show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken at a CUNY testing site within the past seven days. For additional information, please review HR’s memo dated September 27, 2021.

Feel free to contact HR with your questions at .

Thank you.

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