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Undergraduate Program

Secondary Spanish Education

Undergraduate Program

While The City College does not offer a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Spanish Education, undergraduate Spanish majors may complete the coursework for New York State initial certification to teach Spanish at the adolescent level (grades 7-12). This program seeks to provide secondary school teacher candidates with the expertise in the teaching of Spanish language, literature, and culture to non-native learners as well as to heritage learners. While preparing for certification, candidates will learn to develop academically, linguistically, and culturally enriching Spanish language education programs and to implement the necessary teaching practices related to these programs.

Students preparing to teach Spanish in the middle and secondary schools must complete the following courses in Education:


EDUC 20500 Adolescent Learning and Development   (15 hrs. of fieldwork)  3   cr.
EDCE 22200   The School in American Society: Bilingual Education in the Urban School   (30 hrs. of fieldwork)   3   cr.  
SPED 32000   Introduction to Inclusive Education   (15 hrs. of fieldwork)   3   cr.  
EDSE 41300 Teaching Writing and Reading in Spanish in Secondary Schools   (15 hrs. of fieldwork) 3   cr.  
EDSE 44500 Methods of Teaching in the Secondary Schools – Spanish   
(30   hrs. of fieldwork)  
4   cr.  
EDSE 45105   Curriculum Development in Secondary School Spanish   
(30   hrs. of fieldwork)  
4   cr.  
EDUC 41900 Workshop on Child Abuse Identification, Violence Prevention, Dignity for All Students (DASA), and Other Professional Topics  0   cr.  
EDSE 46300 Student Teaching in Middle and Secondary Schools       4   cr.  
EDSE 46301 Seminar on Student Teaching in Secondary Schools 2   cr.  
    TOTAL:   26 credits


In addition, students must complete the following courses in Spanish. A GPA of 3.0 in Spanish is required to declare Secondary Spanish Education as a second concentration.                                                                                                                  


SPAN 32100


Problems of Spanish Grammar


3 cr.



SPAN 32200


Practice in Writing Spanish


3 cr.



SPAN 32700


Introduction to Spanish Linguistics   for Teachers


3 cr.



SPAN 37300


Advanced Composition for Bilingual   Education Students


3 cr.



SPAN 37400


Literature in Spanish for Children and   Adolescents Living in the U.S.


3 cr.



SPAN 45400


Latino Culture and Literature in the   U.S.


3 cr.



One Course from Cluster I


3 cr.


SPAN 35100


Studies in Spanish Literature I   (RECOMMENDED)


3 cr.



SPAN 35200


Studies in Spanish Literature II


3 cr.



SPAN 45100


Spanish Civilization


3 cr.



Two Courses from Cluster II


6 cr.


SPAN 35300


Studies in Spanish American Literature   (RECOMMENDED)





SPAN 45201


Topics in Spanish American   Civilization I (RECOMMENDED)





SPAN 45202


Topics in Spanish American   Civilization II





Three Optional Courses (SPAN 32500   is HIGHLY recommended)


9 cr.




TOTAL: 36   credits