International Medical Insurance

Insurance Coverage
All participants (students and CUNY faculty and staff) must have adequate international insurance coverage in the following areas:  
•    accident and sickness;
•    emergency medical evacuation; and
•    repatriation of remains.

Program directors must verify that all participants have adequate coverage by either a) selecting an insurance providing and enrolling all participants in one insurance plan, or b) allowing students to select their own plan, and supply a list of preferred providers in the event that the student does not already have one.  The program must obtain proof of coverage from the student and keep all copies on file. Additional policies that the program or students may opt for may include trip interruption/cancellation and coverage for kidnapping and ransom. It is recommended that a blanket insurance rider that will cover participants on all international trips be considered. Students participating on non-CUNY programs should follow the insurance and safety guidelines provided by the sponsoring program and institution. The insurance policy must provide coverage for the insured individual for the entire program period including travel days to and from the destination(s). Program directors must clearly communicate insurance coverage start and end dates with covered participants. Participants who wish to extend their trip dates beyond the insured trip dates are responsible for purchasing extended insurance that covers them throughout their particular travel dates.


Last Updated: 04/28/2022 20:55