CUNY-Wide Programs Abroad

CUNY-Wide Study Abroad & International Exchange Programs

The Directory of CUNY Study Abroad and Exchange Programs is designed to inform the CUNY community about the broad range of overseas programs the University offers. Most programs are open to all CUNY students, although students may have to meet certain requirements for acceptance into some programs (specified in the listings). The information in the Directory is intended to help students and faculty identify programs of interest in a preliminary way. Costs and deadlines provided in the Directory are subject to change. For more details, interested readers should speak with the contact person listed with each program description.

The Directory is divided into two main parts: Overseas Study Opportunities for Students, and Overseas Opportunities for Faculty/Administrators. All listings are arranged alphabetically by country.

The two basic types of programs for students are identified as Study Abroad and Exchange. Study Abroad programs may be semester-long, year-long, or short-term (summer or winter inter-session). These programs consist of courses aimed towards a particular course of study, and are taught by faculty of the host institution or by visiting CUNY faculty. Students normally pay tuition to the foreign institution through the sponsoring CUNY college. Financial assistance, such as federal student loans and Pell grants, may be available.

Student exchange programs provide similar opportunities. CUNY students attend an overseas institution for a semester or academic year in exchange for foreign students who enroll at a CUNY college. CUNY students generally pay CUNY tuition to the sponsoring CUNY college. Under current law, the State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) may be applied to such exchange programs. Students are also eligible for federal student loans and Pell grants. In order to determine which financial aid they are eligible for, students must see a financial aid officer at their home college.

Information for this Directory is compiled from an annual survey of CUNY study abroad and international exchange programs sent to international program directors and international education liaisons at the various campuses.  For more detailed information, please visit each CUNY campus's website:


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