Study Abroad Registration Process

Study Abroad Course Approval & Registration
ATTENTION: Starting Fall 2013, all CCNY students who want to participate in any CUNY or non-CUNY study-abroad program MUST file the CCNY Study Abroad Permit before departure.  The Permit can no longer be filed retroactively.  Students who fail to file the Permit before departure will not be eligible to transfer credits earned during the study-abroad program upon return.

After a CCNY student has been accepted into a study abroad program, the student must complete the following steps:

  1. Pick up the CCNY Study Abroad Permit Form at the Office of Study Abroad, NAC 5/216
  2. Students must verify with the Registrar's Office that they:
    • are currently matriculated in attendance at CCNY.
    • are in good academic standing ( GPA 2.5 or higher).
    • have completed at least 24 college credits. 
    • have all required immunizations completed.
    • have no stops on academic record.
  3. The student MUST receive departmental permission for desired courses.
  4. Attach a copy of letter or email of acceptance into the study abroad program.
  5. Bring the permit back to NAC 5/216 for advisor approval.
  6. Bring the permit to the Registrar's Office for final approval

Cross-CUNY Study Abroad E-Permit

If you are a CCNY student, you are required to file an e-Permit only if you are studying abroad on a program sponsored by another CUNY College, and you will be paying (or it will paid on your behalf) CUNY tuition for that program.

You do NOT need to file an e-Permit if you are studying (1) on a CCNY or CUNY exchange, (2) on a Study Abroad Program sponsored by any non-CUNY college or university (such as SUNY Brockport, SIT, CIEE, etc.), or (3) at a foreign university as a visiting student through direct enrollment. Please consult with a study abroad advisor if you are unsure whether you need to file an e-Permit or not.

If you are a student from a CUNY College other than CCNY, you will need to file an e-Permit in order to participate in a CCNY-sponsored study abroad or exchange program. Please see your home college's study abroad office for instructions.

Tuition Payment

Once the permit has been approved at all levels, the student will be billed for the amount of approved credits.  Students attending another unit of the City University of New York must pay tuition and fees at the CCNY Bursar's Office, A-103.  This will reflect the number of credits or the number of hours (for certain courses), for which you will register at the Host College.  If another party pays your tuition, you must receive a CCNY bill containing study abroad courses and have that bill stamped "paid" at the Bursar's Office.

If you are paying directly to a foreign institution you need not pay tuition to CCNY.  You, however, MUST provide the Office of Study Abroad with a copy of your paid invoice from your Host Institution.

For Visiting Students

CUNY Students - You should have approval from your home college study abroad office.  Make sure you are registered at CCNY by stopping at the Registrar's Office, A-102, and then validate your bill at your Bursar's Office, as you will pay your tuition at your home college.  You must provide the CCNY Office of Study Abroad with a copy of your validated, paid bill.



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