Current Season

Fall 2020

by Jean Paul Sartre
Director: Emily Kuper
Via ZOOM 9/24-27

by Joshua Harmon
Director: Solayna Coreas
Via ZOOM 10/15-17

Director: David Willinger
Dramaturg: Kathleen Potts
Via ZOOM 11/19-22

RACE IN AMERICA - PART 1: Chapters 1-7
Director: Charles Anthony Burks
Choreography by Maxine Lyle
Via VIMEO 12/8-10


Spring 2021

Look for our Announcement about the Spring Season in December!!



Letter to Our Community from the Chair

Dear Members of the CCNY Theatre Community:

I wanted to take an opportunity to continue the conversation from Wednesday’s meeting for Theatre Majors and Minors regarding our final show of this fall 2020 semester, and I also want to thank the people who have reached out to me directly to express their feelings on this subject.  Your opinions and voices have helped me to understand this situation better.

After the murder of George Floyd, we strongly felt that we needed a show in our season that conveyed our outrage and grief.  Professors Tuttle and Potts agreed to shift their work from their previously announced production of Immigration Stories to a new show about Race in America that would be devised and created by the ensemble of actors cast in the new production.  We also decided – early in the summer – that we would revisit the nature and content of the new show as we approached the beginning of the semester.  In retrospect, I realized that we made a mistake and should have shifted to a different creative team at the same time that we changed shows – which is what are now doing.

Professors Tuttle and Potts are stepping away from the creative team, and I’m in the process of convening a number of conversations – with Theatre Artists in the CCNY Theatre Family and beyond – to arrive at a framework for this final show of the semester as well as who the new creative team will be.

Additionally (for those of you who did not attend Wednesday’s meeting), since the spring semester ended, we have: introduced a new course entitled “Theatre and Racism;” we have established a Departmental Racial Justice Counselor; and we have scheduled a forum for our students in September called “A Conversation About Racism.”

But these actions are not enough.  My vow as the Chair is that we have to do better, and my promise is that our Department will continue to evolve. We will engage in re-examinations of our practices and our impact, because the work ahead is urgent and necessary.


Rob Barron

Chair, Department of Theatre and Speech