Speech Proficiency Exam

The Speech Proficiency Exam

Please note that we will still be holding this exam remotely for this semester.  Even though it mentions below that we do the exams on Tuesdays, it may vary.  It will be a mutually agreed upon time with the exam administrator and student as they can be done more easily at alternate times due to Zoom meetings.  Also we only offer this exam during Fall and Spring semesters and not after the last day of classes in that semester.  So not during or after finals.

Please follow the instructions below to turn in your outline for the exam.  Once approved you will be put in touch with the exam administrator who will schedule a video conference with you over an application you both have.  If you should have any questions please call our office at 212-650-6666.  It forwards directly to the Department Administrator, Tara Nachtigall. 

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