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Upcoming Events

Theatre and Speech

Upcoming Events

Spring 2019 Events


Informational meeting for all students interested in directing on the mainstage for the 2019-2020 Department of Theatre and Speech production season.

THURSDAY, February 14: 12:30-1pm
CG 310


Informational Meeting with Faculty 
THURSDAY, February 14: 12:30-1pm
CG 310

We'll discuss what you need to know to submit to direct next year - come on out and find out how you could direct in the 2019-20 Academic Production Season!

Submissions to Direct Due 

MONDAY, April 15, 2019
Please turn in to Department Administrator, Tara Nachtigall in CG 311

Format for Student Director Submissions:

Please submit 2 play titles, and for EACH:
• include title, synopsis, character breakdown,and cast size
• please list your favored venue (318 or Theatre B) and semester (Fall 19 or Spring 20)
• write a vision statement for each title, that includes why you chose the piece, what you see as the biggest artistic and technical challenges of the piece and how you intend to address them, and why you think the play is able to be produced at CCNY, keeping in mind the temporal limitations of our spaces, student body and technical capabilities

Interviews for Selected Student Director Candidates

Based on Student Director Submission, select candidates will be granted interviews to present their directorial concepts

TUESDAY, April 30, 2019
(each candidate will be schedule for a 20m slot in the above timeframe)