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For Mentees

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Who can join the UMAAN community?

UMAAN is a program for all CCNY students with a desire for educational success.

What is UMAAN?

The Urban Mentoring and Achievement Network (UMAAN; formerly Retention, Achievement, Professionalism-Success Institute or RAP-SI) is a CUNY Black Male Initiative (BMI) project on the CCNY campus. The overall project goal is to apply all available resources in providing assistance to participants in their pursuit of an undergraduate degree at CCNY.  UMAAN offers mentoring, tutoring, academic skills workshops, socio-emotional presentations, and information regarding scholarship and career opportunities. UMAAN also assists students with academic challenges, helps to build student self-esteem and confidence, provides information about the college’s resources and extra-curricular activities, and makes available forums to develop the ability of the participants to successfully navigate the complex currents of college life.