January 18, 2022
Dear Campus Community, FRIENDLY REMINDER: With the ever-changing COVID climate and CUNY/CCNY guidance updates, please be reminded that all "return to campus" and COVID-related information can be found on the CCNY Return To Campus subsite. It is highly recommended that you bookmark this page, and/or subscribe to RSS feeds of content sections to ensure quick and easy access to relevant content.  Memos from my office, as well as those coming from the Office of the President, and CUNY directly, will also be found on the Return to Campus subsite. Please take some time to familiarize… Read More »

January 11, 2022
Dear Campus Community, CUNY has recently changed our COVID Quarantine and Isolation Procedures to align with the latest guidance from the CDC. Below, I am going to share our new procedures with you and also bring your attention to a new reporting process for the campus so that we simplify who you need to contact if you test positive or are feeling symptoms. The new email address for communicating health status regarding COVID is . This email is monitored by CCNY's COVID Team and will help us respond to you with the information you need. Please make… Read More »

January 03, 2022
Dear Campus Community, The rise in COVID cases on campus has had an impact on our Public Safety and Facilities staff and we are currently operating under significant shortages.  Because of this situation, access to buildings where the number of occupants are low, will be by a phone request to public safety.  We have identified the following buildings where access will be by request only:  Compton Goethals, Spitzer and Aaron Davis Hall.  If you need access to one of these buildings, please call public safety after your arrival at 212-650-7777.  After your call, a public safety… Read More »

December 07, 2021
Dear CCNY/CSOM Faculty and Staff Many of you will have visitors or other persons of interest that need to come to our campus.  The Cleared4 system is broken into different databases.  The primary database is for Tax Levy employees and a majority of the RF employees.  This database was prepopulated with data from CUNY First.  We have another database that is used for visitors, contractors, and other people who come to campus (visiting professors, emeritus professors, some postdocs, etc) that are not in our standard database.  In order for these people to be able to access campus… Read More »

December 03, 2021
Dear Campus Community, It became obviously clear to me that most of you do not know your personal link to Cleared4.  This is understandable because it was sent back in September and, because we had other means of accessing campus, there was no need to use it unless you were unvaccinated and had to be tested on a weekly basis.  For those of you who are vaccinated and now must go through random testing and use the Cleared4 pass for accessing campus, I have forced the Cleared4 system to send you all your personal links – if you already know yours, please excuse the reminder.  This… Read More »

December 02, 2021
Dear Campus Community As of Monday, 12/6/21, we will be discontinuing the use of the V-22 sticker and the Excelsior Pass for campus access (please see my memo on Random COVID Testing).  This means you will need to know how to access your Cleared4 pass. It is best that you practice this before you come to campus.  Please remember that each person has a "personal" link to Cleared4.  This is why we cannot send you generic instructions on how to access your pass.  If you do not know your link or cannot locate it, please send an email to and we will… Read More »

December 02, 2021
*Please take a moment to read the corresponding notice from VP, Ken Ihrer.  Dear CCNY Community, As communicated to you through a memo by EVC Batista on Wednesday, November 17th, CUNY has started random testing of vaccinated faculty, staff and students who come to campus.  If you are selected for random testing, you will have seven days to complete your testing at one of the CUNY testing centers, including the CCNY center in the NAC building.  The test does not require an appointment. If you receive a negative test… Read More »

October 05, 2021
Dear Faculty and Students, Procedures for COVID in the Classroom When a student reports to an Instructor or to the CCNY COVID team that they have received a positive COVID test or that they are feeling ill and will not be attending class, the following should take place immediately: Respond back to the student telling them not to come to campus and that the College COVID team will be contacting them. An email should be sent to our nurse, Romy Fabal ( ), with a copy to Richard Belgrave ( ), our COVID Liaison, indicating… Read More »

September 21, 2021
Dear Staff, Based on policy received from CUNY, the following procedures should be followed for reporting actual or potential COVID cases on campus: If you are feeling any symptoms of COVID, you should notify your supervisor immediately and not report to work. Please note that the CUNY policy is for you to take sick leave if you cannot come to work because of illness. You should obtain a rapid PCR test to confirm if you have COVID. You can locate a rapid COVID test site around the city that is by appointment and returns PCR test results in a few hours. The link is here: … Read More »

September 18, 2021
Dear CCNY Community, The University has moved from the Everbridge application’s VaxPass, for proof of vaccination, to a system called Cleared4.  The Cleared4 system has been in use since the beginning of the semester for those unvaccinated individuals in order to schedule testing and to show evidence of a negative COVID test.  The Cleared4 application will now handle both testing and vaccination status for the University and Everbridge will be retired. When you receive an email from Cleared4, it is legitimate and you should follow the instructions for registration. Thank you… Read More »

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