CCNY Migrates To Microsoft 365

Dear CCNY Faculty and Staff,

CUNY has made the decision to move all email from the local campuses to the Cloud-based system, Microsoft 365 (M365). In this migration, the important thing to note is that your email address will not change.  It will still be in the domain.  This migration is supposed to take place at the end of this semester, so as to cause less disruption.  This is just the first of several emails to come as we prepare our campus for this migration.  I am writing to you now because CUNY just released a training schedule that has several classes on M365.  This is an opportunity for you to learn about the product that we will all be using in the near future.

CISTraining has scheduled several M365 training sessions through the end of the year and we look forward to having you learn with us! You can view the CISTraining training calendar  for upcoming webinars and register here. Remember to log in with your CUNY Login (, which is the same login you use to access CUNYfirst and Blackboard.

Collaborate and Listen [October 27, 2-3pm]

M365 collaboration goes beyond simply uploading and sharing a file via cloud storage. Learn how to fully utilize the M365 power of commenting, tagging, and tracking changes.

Teams Chats [November 3, 2-3pm]

MS Teams is one of the most versatile communication platforms. This webinar will focus on one-on-one and small group communication within the Teams application.

M365 in 2022 [November 9, 2-3pm]

An overview of the features that rolled out across the Microsoft 365 platform in 2022. Some examples include Teams transcripts, presenter modes, speaker coach, polls; Forms permissions, timed quizzes, collections, templates; OneDrive comments and image editing, and many more.

Outlook 2021/365 [November 16, 11am-12pm]

This webinar goes over the interface and functionalities of the Outlook 2021/365 desktop clients. Learn how to be more efficient in Outlook by using advanced search, templates, accessibility features, and a lot more!

Bookings [November 29, 2-3pm]

This webinar will introduce Microsoft Bookings, which is a Microsoft 365 scheduling tool. Learn how to manage calendars, create custom booking links, and more. Note: Bookings can only be used if your campus has migrated to Outlook in the cloud. You will not be able to access or utilize Bookings if your migration has not occurred, but you are welcome to attend the webinar for future reference.

Stream [December 12, 2-3pm]

This webinar is an overview of the updated Microsoft video service – Stream on SharePoint. Learn how to upload and manage videos and playlists, set viewing permissions, create screen recordings, and understand the difference between Stream videos and videos in OneDrive.

Additionally, you are welcome to review our Stream channels containing curated video clips from previously recorded webinars, designed to walk you through the most common tasks and actions within various CUNY-provided applications.

Ken Ihrer
Vice President of Operations
Chief Information Officer
The City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 1003

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