Here at the CUNY School of Medicine, we know that wellness means not just learning to care for our patients.  There is a mutually beneficial pattern to be established, for as we learn to take better care of ourselves, the care we give to our patients improves as well, while we also serve as role models. We believe that doctors provide the best patient care when they are healthy, in all aspects of their lives.

Sophie's Pulse provides virtual resources for our students throughout your 7 years in the program. Medical school and doctoring are demanding and stressful, and it is crucial that we continually work on habits, attitudes and practices that promote our well-being. Faculty and staff are encouraged to also use this health-enhancing program, as we all strive to become and stay healthy in our everyday lives.

In addition to the resources that are available here on Sophie's Pulse, we are continually offering a variety of activities that promote wellness, such as mindfulness, spin, Walk with a Future Doc (WWAFD), yoga and zumba. We also encourage everyone to take advantage of the Wingate Fitness Center facilities and classes.


Learn about the eight categories of wellness

Emotional Wellness
Financial Wellness
Fitness Wellness
Health Wellness
Intellectual Wellness
Nutritional Wellness
Social Wellness
Spiritual Wellness