Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Greetings CCNY Students,

To those who do not know us, we are the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) here at the City College of New York. We have represented the undergraduate students since 1867, making us the oldest USG. Our mission is to serve as representatives on behalf of the students to the faculty and administration of the college, and to the persons or groups outside of the college whenever such representation is called for. We are also here to promote the development and organization of the City College community, financially supporting student organizations, representing student interest, and advocating for student rights. USG is here to create a college community that meets your needs. For latest information make sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure to check out our new website for helpful resources, events, and so much more. Reach out to our email,  usg@gtest.ccny.cuny.edu , with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Can’t wait to hear from you!


The Undergraduate Student Government

Click here for spreadsheet copy of 2023-2024 USG Executives.

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