Undergraduate Student Government

Dear Fellow Students,

As your Undergraduate Student Government, we are here to represent your needs and concerns to the administration. In our year of service, we hope to improve your quality of student life and make your college years memorable and enlightening.
Specifically, our goals this year are to open communications, establish a food discount, increase services for students (printing, copying, faxing, coffee), increase funding for clubs, etc. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us!
We strive to be helpful and accessible so look for us in the NAC Rotunda during club hours or stop by and visit us in NAC 1/111. We want to hear from you!

Your Undergraduate Student Government, 2017-2018

2017-2018 USG Executives - will updated soon!




Haris Khan
Gustavo Cepeda
Executive Vice President


Sara Ikani
 Vice President for Finance
Rania Tamimi
 Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bryan Wigfall
 Vice President for Campus Affairs
Frantzy Luzincourt
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Masum Ahmed
 Vice President of Public Affairs
Dina Elhadidy
Speaker of the Senate
Hannah Towfiek

Architecture Senator 

Leslie EppsSenator for Architecture lepps000@citymail.cuny.edu
Tiffany VelinSenator for Architecture tvelin000@citymail.cuny.edu


Adeola LawalSenator for Bio-Med Alawal000@citymail.cuny.edu
Saud RehmanSenator for Bio-Med srehman000@citymail.cuny.edu


Kenta LittleSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS]klittle000@citymail.cuny.edu
Hind ElgayaerSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] helgaya000@citymail.cuny.edu
Assetou KoneSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] akone002@citymail.cuny.edu
Mariama BarrySenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] mbarry001@citymail.cuny.edu
Dianne ReidSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] dreid001@citymail.cuny.edu
Fatima FaisalSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] Ffaisal000@citymail.cuny.edu
Shahrooz KhanSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] skhan013@citymail.cuny.edu
Christopher HenrySenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] chenry003@citymail.cuny.edu
Na Eela DjemilSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] ndjemil000@citymail.cuny.edu
Nilaab MeerSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] nmeer000@citymail.cuny.edu
Sarah TajSenator for the College of Liberal Arts [CLAS] staj000@citymail.cuny.edu

Education Senator

Khondaker TahiyatSenator for Education  ktahiya000@citymail.cuny.edu
 Senator for Education@citymail.cuny.edu

Engineering Senators 

Ibrahim HassanianSenator for Engineering ihassan001@citymail.cuny.edu
Talha AfirSenator for Engineering tarif002@citymail.cuny.edu


Murshedur ShahySenator for Seek mshahy000@citymail.cuny.edu
Fama NdiayeSenator for Seek fndiaye000@citymail.cuny.edu


Aubbah FatimahStudent Ombuds afatima000@citymail.cuny.edu


Clark AdomaitisNYPRIG Board cadomai000@citymail.cuny.edu
George CookeNYPRIG Board gcooke000@citymail.cuny.edu


Emmanuel Adu PokuLiberal Arts & Science Councilor eadypok000@citymail.cuny.edu
arah WemyLiberal Arts & Science Councilor gswemy000@citymail.cuny.edu

About USG

Founded in 1864, the Undergraduate Student Government of CCNY works to improve the student quality of life. There are nine executives and 30 senators representing different divisions.  Representatives serve one year terms beginning in July and serve on USG, college-wide, and university-wide committees. We provide services to students such as free printing, faxing, copying, and phone calls, and provide support to clubs and the overall CCNY community.
Tell USG / Department of Complaints and Suggestions

Tell USG welcomes concerns, complaints and suggestions from the college community. This slowly turned into the USG ad hoc committee of the Department of Complaints and Suggestions (DCS), which took all of your feedback and turned it into a full report available HERE. USG has had follow-up meetings throughout campus with members of administration and has been working on your suggestions. To offer your input, continue to visit our completely anonymous online suggestion box: http://www.tinyurl.com/tellusg.