Student Media

Active Student Media Outlets


College Newspapers

THE CAMPUS is the oldest student-run publication within the CUNY system. It was founded in 1907, when the City College of New York (CCNY) relocated its main campus from East 23rd Street to Hamilton Heights. It was published in broadsheet format until 2010, after which the publication changed to magazine format.

The Magazine acts as a paper of record of events and policies related to the CCNY campus and its surrounding communities.

Location: NAC 1/119 
Phone: 212 650-8177 
Phone: 212 650-8178
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THE PAPER has been a resourceful tool for educating the student body in regards to politics, social justice and world news. We are dedicated to our African American community in Harlem, and diverse CUNY student body and the world at large.

Location: NAC 1/118
Phone: 212 650-5029 


College Radio Station

WCCR is a student run station with a great collection of talented radio personalities, journalists, DJs and artists joining together to create great programming, music and events.  WCCR broadcasts Mondays - Fridays, 11 am - 7 pm on 590AM, on campus and online.

Location: NAC 1/108
Phone: 212-650-5027 - Office
Phone: 212-650-8171 - On Air
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Other Campus Media Outlets


WHCR-FM, a community radio station broadcasting from the campus of the City College of New York, seeks to provide skills in communications and related disciplines to students here at the college and community members. WHCR seeks to empower it's listeners by providing informative, educational and cultural programming that speaks to the diverse populations of Harlem, upper Manhattan; and some sections of the Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey.

Location: 1/513
Phone: 212-650-7481 - Office
Phone: 212-491-6903 - On Air 


Inactive Student Media Outlets

College TV Station

SAME-TV is an organization that provides members with hands-on experience in the television/broadcasting fields.

Location: NAC 1/117
Phone: 212-650-5028
Phone: 212-650-5014
Email: " title=" ">

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