Clubs & Organizations

The Department of Student Life provides meeting space and support for more than 200+ student organizations.  These organizations cover a wide array of interests including academic clubs, cultural clubs, religious clubs, and social clubs.  

Some of our most active student clubs are the Caribbeab Student Association, LAESA-SHPE (Hispanic Engineers), Muslim Student Organization, National Council of Negro Women, Inc., InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Dominican Students Association among others.

To learn more about these and other clubs, visit our office and speak to one of our staff members or check the contact info for the clubs listed below.

 List of All Clubs

Fall Club Registration

Applies to:

  • New Undergraduate and Graduate clubs
  • Pre-existing Undergraduate and Graduate clubs that did not pre-register in the Spring

STEP ONE: Attending a club registration workshop
STEP TWO: Meeting the following criteria
STEP THREE: Submit the following information via Campus Groups

  • Your Club Roster
  • Your Executive Officers
  • Your Faculty Advisor
  • Your Constitution

STEP FOUR: After you have registered with Student Life a mailbox will be assigned to your club in NAC 1/210


Only clubs that have an ACTIVE status for the academic year 2015-2016 will be able to pre-register in spring 2017.

With pre-registration:

  • Clubs get priority on funding.
  • Reserve space early for club events and activities
  • Eligible to reserve a space in the Summer Leadership Retreat than clubs that register in the fall


Undergraduate Clubs

  • 4 officers - GPA 2.0 or better
  • You will need a faculty or staff member to act as your faculty advisor.
  • 15 members minimum (in addition to four executives)
  • All members must be undergraduate students

Graduate Clubs

  • 4 officers - GPA 3.0 or better
  • Faculty / Staff Adviser
  • 12 full time registered members (in addition to four executives)
  • All members must be graduate students