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The Graduate Student Council is the governing body of the graduate students at the City College. We represent the interests of all graduate students and function as a liaison between the graduate student body and the College's administration. The GSC is composed of two main bodies: the Executive Board and the General Membership. The Executive Board is comprised of seven elected members and the General Membership is made up of appointed members from the various departments at the College. 
The GSC works diligently to improve the quality of graduate student life on campus. We provide four main services:
Assistance in Forming and Funding Graduate Student Clubs: the GSC assists graduate students interested in forming clubs to register with the Office of Student Life and lobbies the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (AEC) for funding.
Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium: every year the GSC gives graduate students the opportunity to showcase groundbreaking research to their peers, faculty, and staff.

For more information, please visit the GSC office in NAC 1/113 or email us at

2021 - 2022 Graduate Student Council




Jennifer Bowen

Executive Chair

Coleman Downing 

Executive Vice Chair

Sarah Perez


Sarah Perez


Sabrina Tenteromano

Vice Chair of Community Affairs
Kevin Walsh

Vice Chair of Academic Affairs


USS Delegate  


USS Alternate  




The Meet the Deans series is collaboration between the Undergraduate Student Government(USG) and Graduate Student Council (GSC), where students have the chance to meet the Dean of their division. This event opens up a forum where students can voice questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions that could potentially help other students in your division.

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