Verification of Compliance


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as a federally recognized accreditor, is obligated to ensure that its candidate and member institutions comply with the accreditation-relevant federal regulations developed by the U.S. Department of Education in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. Further, the Commission is required to review candidate and member institutions’ continued compliance with Title IV program responsibilities. Commission policy regarding federal compliance requirements for institutions was revised and enacted in January 2013, indicating that institutions must
meet these federal regulations to be accredited by the Commission. In response to this, it is assumed that the institution will provide documentation of policies and procedures that are (1) in writing, (2) approved and administered through applicable institutional processes, and (3) published and accessible to those affected. This document is focused on the Commission’s verification of institutional compliance in several areas:

  1. Student identity verification in distance and correspondence education

  2. Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements

  3. Title IV program responsibilities

  4. Institutional records of student complaints

  5. Required information for students and the public

  6. Standing with state and other accrediting agencies

  7. Contractual relationships

  8. Assignment of credit hours


  • Thomas Castiglione (co-chair), Registrar, Registrar, Office of the Registrar

  • Kenneth Ihrer (co-chair), Associate Vice President and CIO, Information Technology, Office of Information Technology

    • Diana Cuozzo Chief Diversity Officer and Dean of Faculty Relations, Affirmative Action, Compliance, and Diversity, Office of Affirmative Action, Compliance, and Diversity

    • Joseph Boselli, Bursar, Office of the Bursar

    • Joseph Fantozzi, Executive Director, Enrollment Management, Office of Admissions

    • Warren Orange, Financial Aid Coördinator / Advisor, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

    • Arshaw Ramkaran, Director, Office of Financial Aid