Student Clubs & Organizations Funding Guidelines



The Process

  • The AEC Executive Board reviews and approves all funding requests.  
  • Funding is awarded for use in the current academic year. 
  • All funds awarded expire on May 31.
  • Funding is a two step process:
    • Step 1: Submit a proposal for the formation of either a new club, or the renewal of an existing club. Each proposal must include an itemized annual club budget. 
    • Step 2: consists of the disbursements of funds per budgeted event identified within the original student club funding proposal.
  • Each award requires club recipients to submit the following:
    • A summary 
    • Disbursement requisition for reimbursement 
    • Receipts, and all supporting documents related to the program(s), event(s) and or products and services acquired for use of these funds.
  • The summary should include:
    • An explanation of how the awarded funds contributed to the success of the program, event or club or organization.
    • Details on how the funds impacted students’ experience at The City College of New York.

Becoming or Renewing Your Club

In order to create a new club or renew your club, you must follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: officially register your club with The Office of Student Life & Leadership Development. Follow all steps to register and receive a student club charter. The Office of Student Life is located in North Academic Center (NAC) in room 1/210.
  • Step 2: Once your club is an approved registered student club; the President & Treasurer completes the request for AEC funding application including the funding budget spreadsheet. Your application is then submitted to the Under Graduate Student Government “USG”. The USG office is Located in NAC. The application must be submitted electronically and 12 hard copies delivered to the USG office.
  • Step 2a: Submit funds disbursement requisition form, signed by either club Treasurer or club President. All forms submitted must include:
    • Club meeting minutes
    • Photo copy of club Treasurer’s CCNY Student ID
    • Event details & flyer
    • Event attendance sheet
    • Event day, date, and time
    • Original itemized invoices with vendor’s company name, address, and telephone number
    • If paid for by credit/debit card the name of the card holder must be on the invoice
  • Step 3: The USG President submits all club funding request to the AEC Board of Directors for approval. The approval process can take 30-60 business days.

Food & Beverage Guidelines

  • Metropolitan Food Service: “MFS” 
    • Meet with MFS catering manager to determine menu selections and cost
    • MFS catering Invoice signed by AEC Executive Director then returned to “MFS”
    • After the event submit all required documents to AEC to pay “MFS” from your club account. 
  • Outside Vendor
    • All outside vendors will be paid after services have been rendered.
    • All outside vendors must provide Itemized invoices on company letterhead with name, address, telephone, and form of payment Cash or credit/debit.

Online Purchase Guidelines

  • When making online purchases, be sure to get an itemized invoice/receipt showing the form of payment and name of the credit card holder, with last four digits of card number.
Please note: an order confirmation or packing slip are NOT invoices. The invoice will show exactly what was purchased and the method of payment.
  • If the name of the credit card holder is not displayed on the invoice, you must submit a bank statement showing card holder’s name, transaction amount, and all other details from the online purchase.

Hotel & Ground Transportation Guidelines

Hotel Accommodation
  • Hotel reservations can not be pre-paid with AEC funds
Ground Transportation
  • Car rentals cannot be pre-paid
  • Fuel cost will be reimbursed at 55 cents per mile
  • Visit to calculate fuel usage
  • Bus travel cost cannot be pre-paid with AEC funds
  • Train travel cost cannot be pre-paid with AEC funds

Professional Services

  • Professional speakers and other independent contractors, will be paid after services have been rendered
  • Note that with proper planning, professional vendors can be paid the day of the event and/or products delivered.

Things To Remember

  • You/CCNY brings added economic value to every company that you do business with. “Be conscious of where and how you spend!”
  • Any company that can not provide you with the proper documentation, does not deserve your business. “Value your spending power!”
  • Submit all invoices.
  • Submit meeting minutes.
  • Submit meeting attendance lists.
  • Submit details from event or conference.
  • Submit AEC Non-Tax Levy requisition form with above documents.

Business Standards

  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Only the President or Treasurer’s signature on disbursement requisition form
  • President and Treasurer are responsible to maintain account balances
  • President and Treasurer are responsible for submitting proper documentation