Technical Competence Areas

The mission of CAEDD is to conduct advanced engineering design oriented research and development in selected interdisciplinary areas and to promote and furnish a focus for industry/university interaction in those areas. Many devices or processes that are needed in industry require faculty expertise from more than one department.

Some of the core technical competency areas of the Center include:

  • Product Development Process: from concept to prototype,
  • Simulation and Analysis of Design
  • Manufacturing Processes,
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM),
  • Hardware and Software Design: Algorithm and Signal processing,
  • Design for Assembly and Manufacturing,
  • Optimization of Design and Processes,
  • Interaction of Materials, Design and Process,
  • Polymer Science and Technology,
  • Bioengineering Design, Prostheses and Implant Design,
  • Industrial Robotics and Mechatronics Design,
  • Process and Quality Control Design,
  • Turbomachinary Design,
  • Image Processing and Neural Networking,
  • Integrated Circuit Design,
  • High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence,
  • Laser and Photonic applications,
  • Safety Assessment and Reliability of Systems,
  • Hydraulic Structure Design,
  • Granulation and Powder Technology.

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