In Memoriam: Gilbert Baumslag


 The  Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software announces with profound sadness the passing of its Founder, Distinguished Professor Emeritus Gilbert Baumslag. A world renowned group theorist, in the last part of his career Dr. Baumslag branched off into new and exciting research areas which included symbolic computation, theoretical computer science and cryptography. Dr. Baumslag was for more  than 40 years the primary organizer of the New York Group Theory Seminar, considered the foremost  research seminar in  group theory  in the world. He was a visiting scholar at  the Institute for Advanced Study  in 1968-69, and was inducted in 2012 as a  member of the inaugural class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society. CAISS is one of the many achievements of Professor Baumslag's distinguished career, and we are all indebted to him for his vision and his leadership. 



Gilbert Baumslag Memorial Session, NYGT Seminar

On Friday October 31, 2014 the New York Group Theory paid homage to the late Gilbert Baumslag with a series of short talks from some of those who knew him best. Please click on the title where you would find 18 short clips from the memorial.

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