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The Outdoors Project at CCNY is dedicated to promoting awareness and education of the outdoors through the enjoyment of outdoor recreation. Our program is geared toward novice nature enthusiasts as well as those with deep experience in activities like hiking, climbing, backpacking, conservation activism, and more.

Throughout the years, CCNY has hosted a number of student-club outdoor initiatives, and in 2016, a new iteration of that project was formed under the management of three alumni, Akasha Solis (’16 and ‘22), Ashley Mastroddi (’17), and Justin Bailey (’11) with a primary goal of increasing awareness for our campus community about how we might become active stewards of the great outdoors and work to democratize these spaces for all. As you most likely already know, the narrative of what an outdoors lover looks like is still lacking in representation and inclusivity. We at The Outdoors Project, aim to increase accessibility and resources to the great outdoors for our CCNY community.

This program is open to all faculty, staff, and students. We would love to connect with anyone who is interested in joining our mission and staying up to date with events being planned. If you have friends across our sister campuses, we’d love to have them join us!

For more information, and to join our mailing list, please email

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