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Social Media at The City College of New York

Today, social media is the most immediate way to communicate widely about The City College of New York. Social media may seem a spontaneous, fleeting form of expression, yet the CCNY Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and External Relations invests the same kind of care and curation in its social media platforms as it does in the content it creates for its website, the College's foremost communications vehicle. Just like an informative CCNY news story or a splashy photo slider on the homepage, an effective social media post combines thoughtfully composed content and imagery to communicate a specific message in a compelling manner. Social media is also a proven and effective means to quickly communicate urgent news.

City College is using social media
  • Daily
  • Strategically
  • To reach key audiences, including current and prospective students, the campus community, alumni, external stakeholders, peers, and thought leaders
In order to
  • Increase visibility and awareness of City College externally
  • Disseminate information on campus
  • Communicate news and outcomes of student and faculty work
  • Build community and engagement internally and externally
  • Amplify and extend social messaging posted by other CCNY entities

Social Media Across Campus

  • Each school and division, as well as many departments, can benefit from using social media, joining the many entities of the College already active.
  • In this way, each entity gains its own platform for communicating about its initiatives, events, and achievements.
  • CCNY departments and groups can interact on social media, creating fruitful crosstalk, mutually boosting visibility, and attracting new social followers.
  • Social media need not be a major investment of time and resources—you can make it work for you at the scale that serves your purposes.

Need Help Getting Started?

The Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications and External Relations provides Social Media Guidelines and a Social Media 101 guide to CCNY entities. In addition, the office helps with:

  • Answering questions and concerns
  • Consulting on which platform(s) will best reach your priority audience(s)
  • Providing feedback
  • Finding your voice or niche
  • Identifying a feasible frequency of posting
  • Locating your own comfort zone in social media

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