Marketing/Advertising/Creative Development

At The City College of New York, our marketing and branding strategy is centered around our over 175-year legacy of being a beacon of academic excellence, diversity, and opportunity. Our goal is to position City College as a premier educational institution that transforms lives, empowers communities, and prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world. The Marketing/Advertising/Creative Development unit within the Office of Institutional Advancement, Communications, and External Relations focuses on College-wide brand positioning & identity, speaking to our target audiences and communications to both internal and external campus communities. 

Services we provide

Advertising campaign strategy, development and deployment, digital and print material design, logo/mark and brand development for entities directly affiliated with The City College of New York, high-quality photography and videography services, brochure, postcard and invitation development, and high-level report and publication design (sans content development). 80% of services offered are fully handled in-house allowing departments to obtain resources and collateral with little or no budgets at all.  
If you need any assistance with your project, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible and include the nature, scale, and goals of your project so we can work with you to develop a workable plan and timeline. Please be advised, there is a 2-week window between the project ideation phase & the project deliverable phase.  

Dr. ​Simone K. Tarver, Associate Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
Joann Huang, Creative Design Specialist

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