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Summer Courses-School District Leader

Educational Leadership

Summer Courses-School District Leader


EDLS 5607G: Leadership at the District Level

Roles and responsibilities of the superintendent, deputy superintendent, and central headquarters personnel for curriculum and instruction, business,pupil support programs, school safety, and school-community and parent involvement to increase student achievement and attain the goals specified in the current legislation. Knowledge and skills necessary to build the capacities of central staff and school leaders through support, mentoring, coaching, and succession planning are developed. Strategies for effective communication and interaction with school board members, community leaders, and school leaders are developed. Restructuring and school reform and effective implementation of policies and state and federal statutes are to be studied and analyzed. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

EDLS 8604I: Social Responsibility, Politics, and Education

Rooted in educational foundations, educational philosophy, and current social and economic dynamics, this course provides an in-depth analysis of issues of special significance for urban central office educational leaders impacting the quality, equity, and excellence of education for all students and includes best practices for communicating, understanding, valuing, and working effectively with district leaders, state leaders, community leaders, and other community members from diverse backgrounds. Candidates develop an understanding of the implications of political strategies and in-volvement in education. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

EDLS 8103G: District Management Operations

This course provides models, strategies, and applications in use of information sources, data collection and analysis in designing and executing strategic plans for district-wide systems. Management and operational functions of a school district leader including human resources administration, budgeting, and financial operations at the school and district levels, obtaining and using resources comprehensively from a variety of public and privatesources, training schools in prioritizing the use of resources, and planning for and utilizing school plants and facilities to support the instructional program. Exploration of safety and security issues and concerns; model plans are developed. Operational plans to implement the district’s mission and vision and maximize student achievement. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr

EDLS 7903G: Internship

Carefully planned and supervised on-the-job training under general controlof the faculty in Administration. Where possible, the work will be in a school system, but, as appropriate, may be carried on in another community agency.Regular reports and conferences required. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr