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Undergraduate Program

English Education

Undergraduate Program


In order to teach English in secondary schools, undergraduates must 1) Be admitted to the English Education Program, 2) Complete the requirements of the English major as defined by the English Department, 3) Complete the requirements of the English Education Program.

3 credits: EDUC 20500 Adolescent Learning & Development
3 credits: SPED 32000 Introduction to Inclusive Education
2 credits: EDSE 32500 Special Issues for Secondary School
3 credits: EDSE 41400 Teaching Reading & Writing in Secondary Schools
4 credits: EDSE 44100 English Methods
4 credits: EDSE 45101 Curriculum Development in English
4 credits: EDSE 46300 Student Teaching
2 credits: EDSE 46301 Seminar on Teaching in Secondary Schools
0 credits: EDUC 41900 Health Education Seminar

Additional Requirements: Combined course work of 36 credits in English, DASA Workshop, CST, EAS and edTPA Score Reports.

Undergraduate students can pick up program planning sheets from the Office of Admissions and Student Services located in the North Academic Center, Room 3/223A. If you have problems accessing the program planning sheet please go to the Associate Dean's Office, North Academic Center, Room 3/213.


Whether a transfer student or entering freshman with fewer than 24 credits, there are five steps for an undergraduate interested in becoming a secondary school English teacher.

Five Steps to Teaching Secondary School English
Entering Freshman or Students with fewer than 24 transfer credits
Transfer Students
One Core Requirements Evaluation, Humanities Office, North Academic Center, Room 5/225 Apply for Advanced Standing &/or transfer any credits
Two English Major Evaluation, English Department North Academic Center, Room 6/219 Pursue coursework
Three Pursue coursework & begin English Education application English Major Evaluation, English Department North Academic Center, Room 6/219
Apply for Student Teaching. Office of Clinical Practice, North Academic Center, Room 6/207B