City College Fellowship

For Undergraduates Seeking Careers in Advanced Research & College Teaching



To prepare a new generation of scholars on college and university campuses, the Ford Foundation joined with City College to provide funds for a program to attract and support the most talented undergraduates in choosing careers in advanced research and college teaching. 

The program provides financial support and a developmental structure from the beginning of a student's junior year until admission to graduate school. 


Faculty Mentoring 
Fellows choose a faculty mentor from their major department who serves as an advisor, role model, and research supervisor. Together, the Fellow and mentor devise a program to help the Fellow develop his or her academic potential and prepare for graduate school. 

Activities might include: conducting independent research; preparing research for presentation or publication; participating in the design of a course; teaching a class in the mentor's course; participating in professional activities such as the attendance of an academic conference or the search for a new faculty member. 

Pre-Graduate School Advising
In addition to advising from mentors, Fellows participate in a series of forums and workshops designed to provide information about graduate school and facilitate the application process. 

Forums feature faculty speakers who address broad issues in research and academic life. Workshops help Fellows to devise a plan for application to Ph.D. programs, learn about funding sources, write a strong statement or purpose, and prepare to take the Graduate Record Examination. 

Fellows receive $2,0000 per semester for four semesters with the possibility of extension by written appeal. 

Funds for Travel, Research, Academic Training. Supplemental funds are available for activities such as summer research projects, travel to conferences and libraries, and academic training such as intensive language study. 

Research Conference 
At the end of every spring semester, the Fellowships Program holds a research conference at which Fellows may present their research. 

Social and Intellectual Community 
The workshops, forums, social events, and research conference bring together Fellows from across the disciplines to form a vibrant community that fosters intellectual growth and mutual support. 


Those eligible to apply will have: 

  • A minimum of 3.0 GPA and exceptional scholarly promise.
  • Earned between 40 and 80 credits by the end of the semester in which the application is made (or have three to five semesters before graduation).
  • A desire to matriculate in a Ph.D. program and to pursue a career in research and teaching at the college or university level.
  • The intention to major in a discipline in the Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences, or Computer Science. [Students in other engineering fields, Architecture, and the Sophie Davis School are not eligible.]



Students wishing to be considered for the program should submit an application through APPLY NOW!  Please notify our office after you submit your application: Tel:  212-650-8388 or email:




Applicants will be screened, interviewed, and appointed by members of the Steering Committee.

Selection will be based on the strength of the student's academic record, academic focus and goals, and the faculty recommendations. 

Awards will be announced in June. The Fellowship begins during the semester after selection. 

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