Applying for Supplemental CCFELL Funding

The City College Fellowships Program is prepared to fund a Fellow's work on a research project, an internship, or a special course of study to the extent that the budget permits.

The Program will also fund travel to attend a professional conference, especially for a Fellow who has been invited to present his or her work.


  • The research project, internship, or course of study must be one that will further the goals of the program: to prepare Fellows to present strong applications to doctoral programs and to thrive once admitted.
  • Funds are not generally available for credit-bearing courses or for courses of study that are available at City College.
  • All independent research projects must be done under the supervision of a faculty member, preferably the Fellow's mentor.
  • Only Fellows in good standing are eligible for research funding. No funds will be awarded to a Fellow who has not submitted a learning agreement and the End-of-Semester report during the semester preceding the proposed project.



  • description of the proposed research, internship, course of study, or conference with an explanation of the importance of the work for the Fellow's intellectual growth and academic preparation for pursuing doctoral studies.
  • A statement regarding the goal(s) of the project: what you hope to produce or accomplish.
  • An explanation of the preparation of the Fellow to undertake the project, including: demonstration of any necessary skills (such as language proficiency); and a plan (as detailed as possible) for how the time will be spent (doing what, where, researching what questions and sources, etc.).
  • A statement regarding the amount of time the Fellow will devote to the project.
  • budget including all items for which funding is requested, including expenses such as tuition, travel, room and board, xeroxing of materials required, and hourly pay (when appropriate). Include both an estimate of the total cost and the least amount the Fellow can receive in order to make the project possible.
  • letter of recommendation from the Fellow's mentor or an appropriate faculty member, or in the case that a Fellow is presenting research at a conference, a letter of invitation or copy of the conference program.



Fellows who receive research monies are required to submit:

  • Receipts for expenses covered by the research award including boarding passes for any air travel. (NOTE: If funds are needed in advance, Fellows must submit invoices with original bills, allowing three weeks for the college to process a check.)
  • report-signed by the mentor or faculty member supervising the research-specifying what was learned and accomplished, and reflecting on the experience. (NOTE: For funded summer research projects, Fellows must submit the completed Summer Research Report form (by the deadline specified) and present at the beginning of the fall semester at the Round-table: Summer Research Experiences.) Fellows may not receive future stipends until and unless they have submitted this report.)
  • If the project involved producing a paper or tangible product, the Fellow should provide the office with a copy upon completion. In the case that a Fellow has read a paper at a conference, he or she should provide the office with a copy of the conference program.



  • The deadline for summer funding requests changes yearly. Please consult the spring CCFELL Calendar.
  • Requests for funding for projects or travel during the academic year may be submitted at any time, although please remember that it may take three weeks for the funds to come through after the proposal has been approved.

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