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Grayson Huffman

City College Fellowships Program

Grayson Huffman

Grayson Huffman
Physics/Biomedical Engineering Major
City College Fellow

Previous to enrolling at City College, Grayson Huffman worked as a fabricator and studio manager at a design firm in Red Hook, Brooklyn. While he enjoyed the design process and the real-world problem solving inherent in lighting and furniture fabrication, Grayson realized that he wanted to apply his design, research, and project management skills towards projects with the potential for greater societal impact. In service of this goal, he decided to return to school to earn complementary degrees in Physics and Biomedical Engineering.

Grayson currently conducts nanotechnology research as a member of the Eisele Group at the Center for Discovery and Innovation. The Eisele Group’s focus on the optical properties of light-harvesting nanotubes contributes both to a better understanding of natural photosynthetic processes and to emerging trends in photovoltaic optimization.