Seyed Alireza Noori

 Seyed Alireza Noori

Ali (Seyed Alireza) Noori, a native of Iran, left his homeland for Ireland at the age of sixteen.  He attended schools in the cities of Galway and Dublin before he relocated to New York City where he enrolled at a small liberal arts college to study Psychology. After a year of personal and academic explorations, he discovered that what he was looking for was to be found in Philosophy. He therefore transferred to City College to explore his newly discovered passion.

Ali holds a Kaye Scholarship from the Division of the Humanities and the Arts and is in the CUNY Baccalaureate Program for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies where he is pursuing a double concentration in Philosophy and Middle Eastern studies. He aims to draw connections between the philosophy of the West and the East, namely Sufism. The two schools of philosophy have been advanced by different cohorts, at different points in time in order to satisfy different motives, each surrounded by distinct historical context. As a result, they exhibit unique values. He aspires to draw new understandings founded upon a comparative study.

Ali has a fervent case of wanderlust, appreciates poetry, enjoys Persian classical music and takes delight in engaging in arguments. He speaks English, in addition to Farsi, understands written standard Arabic and is studying French. He looks forward to a lifetime of advanced research and teaching.