Recruitment Meeting


Dear CCNY Sophomores and Juniors,
We want to bring to your attention the City Colelge Fellowship (CCFELL), which supports undergraduates (Sophomores and Juniors) who aspire to gain admission to doctoral programs. In addition to academic guidance and participation in an interdisciplinary peer group of outstanding students, CCFELL offers significant financial support:

  • $1800 semester stipends for each of four semesters;
  • Summer research stipends available by application;
  • Monies for travel to academic conferences and to pursue research;
  • GRE test preparation fees and doctoral application fees.

CCFELL aims to encourage the most talented CCNY undergraduates to enter Ph.D. programs and pursue careers in research and university teaching.


Tuesday, November 8th
12:30 - 2 PM in NAC 6/316
December 1, 2016