Joel Collins Sati



Joel Collins Sati
Philosophy Major
City College Fellow

Joel Sati is a senior at City College of New York, majoring in philosophy. His interests are in contemporary political philosophy, with a focus on immigration, citizenship, political institutions, and race. His previous work, which began as part of the Stanford/CCNY Exchange, examines the plight of undocumented immigrants and argues that undocumented immigrants should receive the benefits of residency and citizenship, otherwise known as "regularization.”  He developed a paper on this topic while at Stanford, which he will use as the writing sample for graduate applications this fall.

Focusing on undocumented immigrants is not only an academic passion for Joel; it is also a personal one. An undocumented immigrant from Kenya, his immigrant experiences continue to inform his academic work. As an immigrant rights activist, Joel has worked with organizations that fought for the successful passage of the Maryland DREAM Act, which allowed undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at Maryland state colleges and universities. Here in New York, Joel has also organized around passing the New York DREAM Act, which would give eligible undocumented students access to state funding.

In addition to pursuing a PhD in political philosophy, Joel seeks to pursue a law degree down the line, as he believes that a legal education will enrich his scholarly work and strengthen his advocacy for public policy reforms.