Program Description



NEW FALL 2021 DEADLINE: April 19th, 2021.

Send an e-mail to David Ranghelli to receive the BFA in Film application, at:

For students taking pre-requsite courses in Spring of 2021, we confirm that those classes will be counted in your application.

Admissions Orientation Session on Zoom: Feburary 23rd. Please RSVP to David Ranghelli's e-mail (see above).

Program Information

First established in 1941 as Masters Institute of Film Techniques, the BFA Film & Video Program in the Department of Media & Communication Arts provides a broad range of fundamental production skills in the areas of fiction and documentary media production. Courses in screenwriting, directing, production, and editing prepare students to create in digital video. Students also take critical studies courses in the history, theory, and aesthetics of cinema to inform and contextualize their production skills.




The BFA degree in Film & Video requires a minimum of 54 credits, which includes the pre-requisite courses MCA 10100, 10500 and 12100. The program of study starts each fall semester and is completed in a continuous and pre-determined 4-semester, 2-year cycle. The curriculum is structured on the idea that you learn best when you are engaged with different but related aspects of the filmmaking process all at the same time. As such, in each semester of the program you will always have a production course, a theory or history class, and a craft course (i.e., editing, screenwriting, sound, etc.).

Grade Point Average

Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA for courses within the major to remain matriculated in the program. Transcripts are reviewed at the end of every semester by the BFA advisors to determine your GPA and status in the program. Two consecutive semesters below a 3.0 GPA for BFA coursework will prevent a student from continuing in the program.

Thesis Projects

A thesis project is required of all students graduating with a BFA degree. Students have the option of choosing one of the following three for a thesis project:

  • 10 minute film or video production
  • 30 page fiction screenplay
  • 25-50 page research paper in an area of critical studies.

These options allow students to develop a thesis project that reflects their personal interest and strengths whether it is in fiction or documentary production, as a screenwriter, or in the area of critical studies. The BFA program reserves the right to determine the final number of thesis projects in each category.