B.F.A. in Film & Video FAQs

Q2: Why are only 25 students admitted to the Program?
In order to maintain the "hands-on" philosophy of the program, and a low student to teacher ratio, we limit the number of students admitted. This also allows for maximum student access to equipment and facilities. The application process is not intended to exclude or limit access to the program, which runs counter to the mission statement of CCNY, but to have a fair and equitable way to fill a limited number of seats.

Q3: Why must I take the pre-requisite courses?
The pre-requisite requirements are in place so that you understand what the major is about, the kind of courses to expect in the program, and are academically prepared to succeed in the major.

Q4: When should I start the Program?
We recommend that students enter the program in their junior year.  The major is a continuous 4-semester, 2-year program of study so if you start the program as a junior, you will have already completed most of your general education and elective courses and will most likely graduate CCNY at the same time you complete the BFA program. We think this is the best time to come into the program.  That said, we do take sophomores.  As a sophomore, you will complete the program before your senior year and need to finish your general education and/or elective course work in order to graduate with 120 credits.

Q5: Why are freshmen not accepted?
The BFA curriculum is embedded in the liberal arts and students need to have a good foundation in the humanities by completing some of their general education requirements before they start the program. We also feel freshman need to adjust to college life at CCNY, both socially and academically, before they enter the BFA program.

Q6: Can I choose which classes I can take?
No, courses for all 4 semesters that you are in the BFA program are pre-determined and must be taken in the sequence and semester they are offered. The BFA program is structured on the philosophy that you learn best when you are engaged with different aspects of the filmmaking process in the same semester. Therefore, in each semester of the program you will always have a production course, a theory or history class, and a craft course (i.e., editing, screenwriting, sound, etc.).

Q7: Can I still take general ed or elective classes while in the BFA?
Yes, but your BFA courses and class schedule must take priority. Students must plan your other courses and the number of credits you take accordingly.

Q8: What fall courses should I register for if I don't know whether or not I have been accepted into the Program?
Register for fall courses as if you did not get into the BFA program. If you are accepted, it is easy enough for us to add your BFA courses and drop whatever courses you don't need or want.

Q9: Are there scholarships or grants for incoming students?
Five $1,000 College Media Scholar awards and one Herman Lew award are given to successful first-year BFA students for use in their second year. Other scholarships are also available to upper classman.

Q10: Is there a career or work placement program?
There is no "formal" program to help students find work after graduation. However, we do help students find internships, which can be used for course credit and often lead to industry contacts. NYC is the media capital of the world so opportunities to find work are abundant.

Q11: Can students not in the program take BFA courses?
The only courses open to non-BFA students are the pre-requisite courses MCA 10100, 10500, and 12100. All other courses are open only to students matriculated in the BFA program.

Our FAQ does not replace or supersede the rules set out in the College Bulletin. Please contact the program's director at dfishel@ccny.cuny.edu if you have more questions.

Last Updated: 02/09/2023 14:32