Courses by Semester

Courses by Semester

The BFA in Film & Video program of study starts each fall semester and is completed in a continuous and pre-determined 4-semester, 2-year cycle. No courses are offered every semester and a student who misses a registration deadline or fails a course will be "out of sequence" and will have to wait another year for the course to be offered again. The MCA Department is not open during the summer although the BFA program will occasionally offer a critical studies or a special topics course during the summer sessions. 

Pre-Requisite Courses 

Offered every fall and spring semester.
MCA10100 Introduction to Media Studies
MCA10500 Intro to Media Production
MCA12100 Introduction to Film Studies

Required Courses

Offered once a year and in the semester they are listed under.

FALL I (12 credits)
MCA22100 History & Theory of Film I
MCA20000 Introduction to Film Production
MCA23000 Screenwriting Workshop
MCA20500 Editing

SPRING I (12 credits)
MCA22200 History & Theory of Film II
MCA23200 Documentary Workshop I
MCA21500 Sound Production and Design
MCA32100 Motion Picture Workshop I

FALL II (12 credits)
MCA30100 Critical Approaches to Independent Cinema
MCA43200 Thesis Producing Workshop
MCA32500 Directing for Film & Video
MCA42400 Senior Writing Workshops

SPRING II (9 credits)
MCA42600 Digital Post Production
MCA42200 Motion Picture Production Workshop
           One of the following:
MCA40200 Critical Approaches to Film Directors
MCA40300 The Documentary in Film & Television
MCA40400 Studies in Film History & Aesthetics
MCA2-39900 Internship

Total Credits 54

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