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A Message from the Deputy Director


If you are still undecided or en route to fulfill the prerequisites to apply to the professional school of your choice, your home base is here at The Hub!

You are about to embark upon your college career which will challenge you academically, intellectually, and socially. In your freshmen year, you are adapting to your new school environment, learning the terrain, and the basic academic expectations. In the sophomore year, you will focus more on your degree path, its alignment with your career plans, as well as your personal values and ethics.

You are poised to take your place in an extremely complex world and a rapidly changing one. Your generation on average will have more than one career.

There is no one path to a career. A basic undergraduate major may lead to many different vocational options.

A mind that is both agile and receptive to new ideas is the key to meeting the challenges of the 21st-century workplace. Your undergraduate education here at CCNY will equip you to meet those challenges.

Your Hub adviser will guide you on this voyage of discovery!

Welcome to CCNY!

The Hub: News for You

Who Needs a Career?

They are calling it the "Great Resignation."  The pandemic has forced many workers to examine their lives and to ask if they are living in accordance with their own values and interests. 

Interested in a Career in Business?

A Masters in Business Administration may offer you many different career options--sometimes depending on which graduate school you attend. This article gives you some pointers.

Don't Study Hard! Study Smart!

Your brain learns in surprising ways! This brief article offers new strategies for learning!

Do what you Love? Or, What you Must?

Is it just self-fulfillment that you must aim for? Or, should an idea of service to others also guide your choice of career?

Ditch that Laptop! Take Notes by Hand!

Psychologists conduct an experiment to test memory and comprehension after a class. Those students who take notes long-hand do better on comprehension than those who use laptops.

The STEM-Crisis Myth

Is there really a shortage of science and tech graduates to fill available jobs? Indeed, as this article explains, there may be a surplus.

Try A Little Kindness

A different take on success

How to Get a Job

This New York Times article by Thomas L. Friedman quotes Harvard Education expert, Tony Wagner, who says that the "world doesn't care any more about your what you know but 'what you do with what you know.'"

Will a Robot take your Job?

It has been predicted that sometime in the 2030s robots will outnumber us. What does that mean for your future?


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