Pathways General Education Requirements

 The new General Education Requirement at City College, and all of CUNY, is called Pathways. It provides a set of requirements that every student who enters City starting in Fall 2013 must complete to earn a degree. Pathways General Education Requirements at City College consist of:

I. Common Core (30 credits)

  • Required (Fixed) Common Core (12 credits / 4 courses)
  • Flexible Common Core (18 credits / 6 courses )

II. College Option (12 credits / 4 courses)

Because many Common Core courses can simultaneously count toward the satisfaction of major requirements for specific majors, students who have chosen or have a specific major in mind should consult with an advisorto see which Common Core choices will help them complete their degrees most efficiently. More on Pathways at CCNY is available through this visual guide.

Students with a particular major in mind can obtain information about Pathways major gateway courses at . Click here for a list of CCNY gateway courses.

Pathways Transfer Evaluation Appeals

Any transfer student with concerns about how completed courses have been evaluated for transfer credit must meet with a campus advisor to review their Transfer Evaluation Report.  Students who, after that meeting, believe they have not been awarded transfer credit to which they are entitled may submit an appeal first to the College's Transfer Appeals Officer, Prof. Vivien Tartter, Chair of Academic Standards using this form. Appeals which are not promptly resolved at the College level may be submitted to the University's Office of Academic Affairs. More information about the university appeals process is available at

Additional information about Pathways is available at and at . For changes in Pathways policies, instituted in February 2014 click here

Last Updated: 03/25/2021 15:49