Past Trainees


Nana Agyemang

PhD Track: Chemistry

Mentor: Mark Biscoe

Topic: Stereoselective cross coupling with application to catalysis

Date Joined: 9/2020




Katherine Anderson

PhD Track: Biology

Mentor: Osceola Whitney

Topic: Characterization of the expression patterns and molecular mechanisms of vasotocin family receptors in zebra finches

Date Joined: 9/2020


Andres Cabezas

PhD Track: Biochemistry

Mentor: Amédée des Georges

Topic: Structural biology of the mechanosensing channels of small conductance

Date Joined: 9/2020


Andrea Cardenas-Arevalo

PhD Track: Biology

Mentor: Anuradha Janakiraman

Topic: Role for a membrane protein of unknown function in the maintenance of genomic integrity and cell division in Escherichia coli

Date Joined: 9/2020


Nigel Gebodh

PhD Track: Biomedical Engineering

Mentor: Marom Bikson

Topic: combining EEG and noninvasive brain stimulation

Date Joined: 9/2020


Thabelo Lekoetje

PhD Track: Biology

Mentor: Mark Emerson

Topic: Cone photoreceptors cell development

Date Joined: 9/2020


Rachele Rameau

PhD Track: Biology

Mentor: Karen Hubbard

Topic: The role of ruthenium-based compound in altering epigenetic mechanisms in triple negative breast cancer

Date Joined: 9/2020


Charles Robinson

PhD Track: Biochemistry

Mentor: Reza Khayat

Topic: Determining the binding of the Cystovirus to its host to utilize it as a nanocontainer to deliver antibiotics to pathogenic bacteria

Date Joined: 9/2020


Irving Rosario

PhD Track: Biochemistry

Mentor: Ruth Stark

Topic: Structural biology of fatty acid metabolism

Date Joined: 9/2020


Santiago Uribe-Cano

PhD Track: Psychology

Mentor: Andreas Kottmann

Topic: The role of Sonic Hedgehog from dopamine neurons in striatal regionality and habit formation

Date Joined: 9/2020

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