What our trainees are saying

‘’Since 2020, I have received professional developmental support from the G-RISE training program at CUNY City College of New York. This training has included interactive instruction on various science communication formats (oral presentations, poster presentations, writing). Additionally, the G-RISE program has reviewed topics of science ethics and tips for various career paths inside and outside of academia. With the financial support from the G-RISE program, I have presented my research at three international scientific conferences (SfN 2021, GRC Neural Systems of Acoustic Communication 2022, and SfN 2022). Additionally, I have prepared and submitted my first ever first-author research manuscript to the peer-reviewed journal Brain Structure and Function. This manuscript is currently available online as a pre-print: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36824963/ I have successfully applied to and received multiple internal fellowships. I have also accepted an invitation to attend a prestigious and competitive summer program for neuroscience professional development, aimed at trainees who are pursuing faculty positions in academia (SPINES program at the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA). ‘’ - Katehrine  Anderson


 “During my time with the G RISE program, I have learned many aspects on presenting my scientific work to the general public and to other scientists within and outside of my field. I have gained the knowledge to properly tell a story of my collected data from the lab bench to the general public. During the years of the pandemic we teamed up in groups and was able to take incoming data, concerning the COVID-19, and be able to interpret it correctly. We also learned about the different type of  presentation one can give, oral, poster and/or in-person presentation. This has helped me a lot to be able to speak about my research in a meaningful and impactful way to the general public. I believe writing and presenting my thesis is going to be a lot easier with all the acquired knowledge.’’ Nana Agyemang:  


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