Adolescent (grades 7-12) Professional Certification in Mathematics and Special Education. M.A. degree

This master’s degree program is designed for teachers who have NYS initial certification in Adolescent School Mathematics (7-12) and are seeking to satisfy NY State’s requirement for a Master’s degree while also expanding their qualifications into Special Education. It is also suitable for teachers who hold professional or permanent certification seeking to further their knowledge/skills, and gain additional graduate credits. You will take advanced coursework in methods of teaching mathematics to enhance your skills as a teacher of math and courses in Special Education. At the conclusion of this 30-credit program of studies all teachers will be recommended for professional certification in adolescent school mathematics education. Teachers who may want to also extend their certification into special education can do so as well through this program.

Eligibility and Admission Requirements:

  • New York State Certification, Grades 5-9
  • A BA/BS from an accredited university with a GPA of a minimum of 3.0
  • 30 credits in mathematics content coursework
  • Two letters of recommendation

Coursework in the Mathematics and Mathematics Education:
EDSE 6102E Teaching and Learning Secondary Mathematics (3 cr, 30 hrs fw)
EDSE 2800 Contemporary Topics in Mathematics Education (3 cr)
EDSE 2700E Middle and Early High School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally (3 cr)
MATHE 6000C High School Mathematics from an Advanced Perspective (3 cr)

Special Education Coursework:
SPED 5100K Introduction to Inclusive Practices in Adolescent STEM Classrooms
SPED 5300K Positive approaches for challenging behaviors
SPED 6100K Building connections: disabilities, families and schools
SPED 3901K Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for Students with Disabilities in Adolescent Education

Capstone Research Course:
EDSE 0200I Action Research in Mathematics Education (3 cr)

Sample Elective Courses in Mathematics or Mathematics Education (3 cr)
MATHE 6300 Mathematical Problem Solving
MATHE 1000E History of Mathematics
MATHE 4800C Foundations of Geometry
MATHE 2700C Number Theory
MATHE 5000C Data Analysis Probability and Statistics

Additional requirements for candidates who are seeking a special education extension in their certification
Passing the CST (Special Education)
EDSE 5700G – Supervised Teaching Practicum in special education (2cr)

For more information please contact:
Prof. D. A. Stylianou, Program Director

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