Tips on cutting footage

How Can I Find My Relevant Clips the Most Efficient Way?

Working with videos and editing videos is time consuming. For edTPA, you are only allowed to cut the video and add transcriptions, if  necessary.  Each video clip you submit to edTPA will have to be continuous and unedited. It will have to have good sound and visual (see the edTPA manual for details).  

If you are looking for the most relevant parts of a video recording I would suggest the following:

  • View the entire recording with a notepad next to you from the beginning to the end.
  • Each time you find a relevant segment in the video which might fulfill the requirements you are looking for, write down the time that segment starts and ends with a short description. The description should reflect why you think this segment is relevant. Just to write "good part" is not enough. Be very specific in your description, e.g. describe which and how you fulfill the requirements. If you had technical difficulties, you might want to note them in this list too, e.g. student's answer was relevant but not loud enough.
  • After you have viewed the entire recording and you have the relevant segments(s) identified, you can go back to the relevant segments and review them. You might conisder discussing them with your instructor(s) or colleague(s) to pick the most relevant segment(s) of the recording.

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